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Apollo Sheet Metal Ltd
Worldwide Sheet Metal Contractor
2095 Brigantine Drive, Coquitlam, BC. Canada V3K 7B8
(604) 525-8299
(604) 525-6725

Apollo Sheet Metal supplies and installs HVAC systems in institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential settings, including hospitals, labs, schools, and commercial and residential buildings. The company also delivers innovative tenant improvements in the retail and restaurant industries, and a wide range of industrial services including dust collection, chutes and guards. Apollo Sheet Metal has completed a number of energy retro-fit projects across Canada.

Apollo Sheet Metal designs and builds custom parts and cladding, and has the capability for aluminum and stainless welding, TIG/MIG and spot welding, shearing, punching, and forming. Most importantly, Apollo Sheet Metal has the experience and expertise to solve problems and help create contemporary innovative solutions to any HVAC system challenge.

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