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Peddinghaus Tool Division Offers Metal Cutting Band Saws for all Operations

Peddinghaus Corporation, an industry leader providing innovative machine tool technology for structural steel and plate fabrication, offers a wide range of Eco-Line band saws for cutting of steel. The heroes of any shop are band saws such as the 410 DGA and the 320 G-HSS, as they are quick, efficient and take up minimal footprint.

Peddinghaus specifically developed the Eco-Line steel band sawing machines to meet the needs of daily production requirements. These patented Peddinghaus band saws offer an economical solution while providing the superior cutting performance, which Peddinghaus band saws are known for.

As with all Peddinghaus products, the Eco-Line band saws were developed with the user’s needs in mind. These saws can cut at a 30°, 45°, 90°, and 135° angles. Offering a full range of capabilities, the Eco-Line band saws facilitate the integration of straight and miter cuts into the section size.

“These saws truly are a savior in any shop,” Lyle Menke, Vice President of Peddinghaus, said. “They get the job done quickly, without occupying a large footprint or sacrificing versatility and accuracy.”

These heavy-duty saws with a patented miter system are packed with features to fit the needs of day-to-day use. This line that is best suited for cutting material with different cross-sections and frequent change of straight miter cuts. The swivel of the saw head remains the same for each miter cut above the intersection of the saw blade, and fixed vise so that there is a datum measuring point that does not change, resulting in no material loss. As with all Peddinghaus equipment, the saws offer plenty of power and will provide you with years of trouble-free operation.


The 320G-HSS model delivers fast and efficient miter sawing economically. The 320G-HSS saws up to 305mm (12") high, and 495mm (19.5”) wide at 90°, with a 178mm (7") high, and 178mm (7") wide capacity up to 60°.

The 320 Series band saws are designed and manufactured for lighter duty operations. However, like its counterparts, the 320 models are built with the same rugged performance components. This saw is capable and ready for cutting tasks associated with beams, columns, tubing, pipe, angle, channel, round and square stock.

410 DGA 2300

The production minded 410 DGA 2300 is ideally suited for streamlined orientated manufacturing, steel stocking centers and fabrication shop production. This automated saw delivers CNC accuracy and repeatability up to 410mm (16") high and 698.5mm (27.5”) wide at 90° as well as 400mm (16") high and 317.5mm (12.5”) wide up to 60°.

Peddinghaus takes pride in the accuracy of our machines. Regardless as to what project the customer is using our machine for; we uphold a strict standard when it comes to the precision of our machines. What is important to our customers is important to us, and we are proud to see our customers succeed with the help of our equipment.

—Photo of a 410 DGA 2300. Photo submitted.